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■ Consists of 92% of authentic Binchotan from Kishu area and 8% of bamboo charcoal.
■ Lite quick with a match. Flameless, smokeless and odorless. (Storage condition of Binchotan may result in exception.)
■ Burning time is about the same as regular shaped Binchotan from Kishu area and is short.
■ Processable in various shapes.



1 Molded Binchotan


Molded Binchotan



2.Wire mesh with Binchotan Charcoal


Wire mesh with Binchotan Charcoal



(Underware made with nanoengineered Binchotan inclusion)


■ Average 0.5 micrometer of Binchotan clathrationed with cotton's microfibril radiates heat and
gives warm comfortable feeling.
■ Washable and reusable.
■ Cotton absorbs odor and provides deodorazing effect.


Thermal sensing and deodorant underwares